Director of Youth Ministries

Five Forks Brethren In Christ Church is seeking applicants for a Director of Youth Ministries. The Director of Youth Ministries will oversee and provide leadership to the youth ministry at Five Forks. The youth ministry at Five Forks comprises of approximately 100-125 students in 6th-12th grade.  This is a full-time position with the expectation of 45-55 hours per week of ministry related activities (flexible work schedule). Starting salary about $45,000 plus a strong benefits package.

Interested candidates will submit the following to YD@FFBIC.ORG.

  1. Submit a PDF version of your resume, with a cover letter specifically outlining your interest and reasons for applying for this particular position.
  2. Submit the names and contact information of at least three (3) references who have at least twelve (12) months first-hand knowledge of you and any experience working with teens.
  3. If applicable, you may include links/media files of yourself teaching and/or interacting with teenagers.

If we have further interest, you will be sent a preliminary questionnaire and a request for additional information.

Position Description

Title – Director of Youth Ministries

Objective – Establish and communicate the vision and goals for youth ministries at Five Forks BIC Church, ensuring that the direction of the youth ministries supports the overall mission of the congregation.

Areas of Responsibility – The Director of Youth Ministries at Five Forks has six primary areas of responsibility – Relationship building, Education, Missions, Activities, Worship, Leadership.

  1. Relationship Building
    • Counseling, mentoring, and discipleship of individual teens
    • Attending school programs and extra-curricular activities
    • Community involvement (volunteering, coaching, etc.)
    • Connect with youth in person and through social media
  2. Education
    • Establish goals for education programs for Sunday School and youth group
    • Coordinating the selection of Sunday School and youth group curriculum
    • Regularly teaching Sunday School and youth group
    • Recruit Sunday School teachers and helpers
    • Recruit youth group teachers and small group leaders
    • Train teachers, small group leaders, and Sunday School helpers
    • Promote educational programs within the church and to the community
  3. Missions
    • Establish goals for missions and cross-cultural opportunities for the youth connected with Five Forks Church
    • Assemble and lead the Youth Missions Leadership Team
    • Lead the selection of missions organizations, destinations, and activities
    • Coordinate youth mission fund raising efforts to achieve support within the guidelines set by the church board
    • Liaise with missions and cross-cultural organizations on behalf of the Youth Missions Leadership Team
    • Participate in mission team training and trip planning activities
    • Lead the missions and cross-cultural teams
    • Promote youth missions opportunities to youth, the church, and community for support and involvement
  4. Youth Activities
    • Establish goals for youth activities for frequency, recreation, outreach, and service
    • Organize logistics of youth activities
    • Make reservations and payments
    • Conduct Child Abuse Policy interviews and follow up on paperwork
    • Recruit necessary adult helpers, drivers, and bus transportation
    • Ensure permission slips are distributed and collected
    • Track payment collection and arrange for financial assistance where appropriate
    • Promote youth activities within the church and to the community
  5. Youth Worship Team
    • Establish goals for youth worship team
    • Facilitate youth worship team practices
    • Provide opportunities for youth to lead worship
  6. Leadership
    • Establish goals for the Youth Leadership Team
    • Regularly attend youth ministry training/continuing education
    • Recruit and develop youth leaders
    • Coordinate use of appropriate youth facilities & future building projects
    • Set the agenda and lead monthly leadership meetings
    • Oversee the annual youth spending plan
    • Research and present opportunities for the youth connected with Five Forks
    • Liaise with the Church Board on behalf of the Youth Leadership Team


Other duties outside of the areas of direct responsibility may include –

  1. Visitation for prayer and counseling for new members, hospitalizations, births, deaths, etc.
  2. Participation in staff meetings
  3. Community work projects – assisting with moves, wood cutting, food pantry deliveries, setup and tear down for church events.
  4. Conducting, or participating in, weddings and funerals upon request


Qualifications –

  1. A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ and a vital, growing personal relationship with Him.
  2. Commitment to the mission, vision, and ministry philosophy of Five Forks.
  3. A passion for youth ministries and a clear understanding of the current youth culture
  4. Highly organized and strong administrative skills
  5. Creative approach to teaching in a variety of teaching environments
  6. Proficient with social media and technology for communication and education opportunities
  7. Demonstrated strength in vision casting and long range planning
  8. Experience in ministry
  9. Experience in a group leadership role