We are glad you are considering joining us for a Sunday Morning service. If you’ve never been to Five Forks Church before, we’ve attempted to gather the basic information that will help make you better acquainted with our church prior to your first visit. If you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please contact the church office (717-762-2991) or office@fiveforkschurch.org. Our staff would be happy to assist you!

Sunday Service Times

8:00 - Auditorium (Traditional)

9:30 - Auditorium (Modern)

11:00 - Auditorium (Modern)

11:00 - Chapel (Traditional)


Preparing for Your Visit

Don’t worry! Very little preparation is required. You can wear whatever you’re comfortable wearing. People at Five Forks dress in various levels of formality… and informality. From suit and tie to shorts and sandals. If you have a Bible, we encourage you to bring it along. However, in the church services, scripture passages referenced in the sermons will be displayed on the overhead screens. 

Upon Your Arrival

If you have young children, we suggest that you plan to arrive around 15 minutes before that hour’s service is scheduled to start. This will give you time to find out where their classrooms are located, get them settled into their class, and find a seat before the service begins.

Getting Your Foot in the Door

Ok, you’re here! Now, what? Parking is available on the hill behind the church or across the road from the church (see photo/map below).   Once you’re inside, we highly recommend that you make your way to the Information Desk located in the main foyer on the auditorium level. The folks staffing the desk can help answer any questions you might have. If you have children with you, they also can give you directions to the children’s classrooms.

If you drop off an infant, toddler, or preschooler, you will be using the secure drop-off point in the nursery or in the preschool area. The people working those areas will explain our drop-off and pick-up procedures and help you get your child checked in and settled in his or her classroom.

Enjoy the Service

For children, classes are divided up by age/grade to provide age-appropriate teaching for your child.

For adults, there are two different types of Sunday morning services offered. They mainly differ in the style of music that is found during the praise and worship parts of the service. Our Traditional services (hymns sung to piano and/or organ) are held at 8:00 in the auditorium and at 11:00 in the Chapel. The Modern services (with a band) are held at 9:30 and 11:00.

An offering is taken midway through the service. Giving is completely voluntary. You are welcome to place something in the offering plate; however, you should feel no pressure or obligation to give during your visit.

The second half of the service consists of a sermon that is preached by one of our pastors. When you enter the service you should receive a bulletin. In the bulletin, you will find a brief outline of the sermon to aid you in following along. After the sermon, the service concludes with a song or two of congregational singing before being dismissed.

Please be sure to fill out the attendance card found in the holder on the seat in front of you. Please let us know of your visit by providing your name and contact information.

Heading for Home

Don’t feel like you’ve got to rush off as soon as the service is over.   Our Café is open from 7am until 11am, so grab some coffee and a donut before or after the service. Stick around to meet one or more of the pastors.   They would be happy to meet you, answer any questions that you still might have, or just spend a little while getting to know you.

We hope to see you at Five Forks again!

Parking and Traffic Flow

-We have several different parking lots available. First time guests are able to park in section "D". There are handicap spaces available in front of "G" and also next to the first time guest parking.

-Traffic flows in a counter-clockwise pattern around the church


Child Care

We offer free nursery care during each of our Sunday Morning services from 0-2 years old. If you have a child older than this, be sure to checkout the range of children Sunday School classes offered.