The Word on Wednesday

There was a strong turn-out for Pastor Brian’s new “Wow” Mid-Week Bible Study last Wednesday.  We’ll be gathering together once again tomorrow evening in the Auditorium at 7;00pm.   Here’s a preview from Brian in regards to tomorrow evening’s study: Last week at WOW (Word On Wednesday), we heard this from John MacArthur: “If you […]



Praising the Lord at the 11:00 Service   Yesterday we began a 3-week series called “Looking Forward to Monday.” This is Pastor Ray’s series, but he’s currently without his voice. And so Pastor Adam filled in and delivered Ray’s message – Created For Work – in the three Auditorium services. Here are some excerpts from […]


Created For Work

Why do you work? What part of bearing God’s image do you display while working? Do you consider what you do for work to be significant? How does the way you work show that you are a community creature? Do you find joy in your work? This Sunday Pastor Ray begins a 3-week series called […]


And Away We Go!

Every Wednesday night from late summer to the spring of the following year, the church comes alive.   Not just the church complex, but the people that make up the church.  Between our Youth Group and the many youth advisors….our AWANA program and all of the children and volunteers…and finally the adults who meet for […]


Upcoming Sermon Series

  Two new Sermon Series are about to begin. Pastor Ray begins a 3-week series in the Auditorium starting next Sunday, August 30th. Pastor Brian begins a 3-week series of his own in the Chapel starting Sunday, September 6th.   Ray and Brian share where each series is headed: LOOKING FORWARD TO MONDAY (Ray in […]


Tailgating Party

Last year’s Tailgating Party was a big success.   One week from tonight our Youth will be kicking off their new year with a Tailgating Party in the front of the church.   All teens are invited to this first night of youth group for the 2015-16 year.  Just like last year there will be […]


“WOW” Begins Next Wednesday Night

WOW! The word on ‘WOW’ is out! In case you haven’t heard, the word ‘WOW’ is ‘Word On Wednesday’. Starting Wednesday night, August 26th, at 7:00, parents of Awana kids and of youth – and anybody else – can make their way to the auditorium to study God’s Word, the Bible. Since the word on […]


A Persistent, Persuasive Thread

Justin and Katie Chappell had their son, Rylen, dedicated during the 11:00 service in the Auditorium. Yesterday Pastors Adam and Shaun continued their series called Grace & Truth. We are learning how to respond with the whole gospel in age that endorses homosexuality. After looking at a number of Scripture passages that are often interpreted […]

Sermon Slide

The Second Greatest Exchange

This Sunday we arrive at the second week of our three week series titled Grace & Truth. This week Pastors Adam and Shaun will further set the table for our LGBTQ conversations by looking at the Biblical view for the whole of human sexuality. The message is titled The Second Greatest Exchange. There is a […]


August Board Update

Your Church Board meets the first Thursday of every month from 7 till 10pm. Here is an update from last week’s meeting: Protecting Our Children The board continues to discuss what can be done to help ensure the protection of our children and youth. The board invited Harvey Payne to join us for the first […]