The Churning of the Water

Yesterday morning Pastor Adam brought us the fifth in a series of ten messages from the book of Exodus.  The series is called “Getting Out” as we look at how God got the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt…just as He gets us out of bondage to sin.    Yesterday’s message was the defining moment, […]


The Defining Moment

As we continue with our sermon series called “Getting Out”…we come this Sunday to the defining moment in the story of the Israelites and their rescue (their salvation). Leading up to this moment was: The bondage of the Israelites at the hands of the Egyptians, the calling of Moses, the plagues, and taking shelter under […]


Country Time VBS – Tuesday Night

The storms passed through just in time for all the outdoor activities to go on…here are some pictures from last night’s VBS:  


Monday Night Pics from VBS

Last evening was the 2nd night of our Country Time Vacation Bible School (Day 1 for VBS Jr. AM)…here are some pictures from Monday evening…    


The Story of the Lamb

  Yesterday prior to receiving Communion Pastor Bill had us look at the Bible-long story of the Lamb… a story that unfolds with greater and greater detail as we make our way through the Bible. We looked at specific passages from: Genesis (where is the lamb?) Exodus (the lamb is on the table) Isaiah (the […]


It’s Time to “Get Out”

  We come to week-4 of our series called “Getting Out.”   It’s the night of the Passover. God is about to get the Israelites out of bondage; out of Egypt.   On this night there will be a Passover meal, and for generations to come the Israelites will observe this meal as a reminder of how […]


Update on the Church Cafe

Are you aware that it’s been almost five years since we opened the Common Grounds Café?   It was one Sunday in September of 2010 we set up half the gym and kicked off this ministry. The next week we had to set up 75% of the gym and by the third week we started using […]


Graduation Picnic at Mont Alto

Congratulations to all those in the Five Forks 2015 graduating class.  A graduation celebration will be held on Sunday, June 28th at 5pm at the Mont Alto Park Pavilion (pictured above).  For those graduates who are able to attend, please dress casual as there will be volleyball, frisbee, lawn games and sharing a meal catered […]


Baby Barnyard

Vacation Bible School is just days away (it begins this Sunday evening) and preparations are being made for the Baby Barnyard that will be in the back courtyard.  The Barnyard will be open Sunday through Wednesday evening starting at 6:15…VBS starts at 6:30 so there is a 15 minute window for the kids to go […]

Getting Out Slider

The Clash

This week Pastor Adam has the message in the Auditorium as we continue our sermon series called Getting Out.  We’re talking about God getting us out of the mss we’re in. Two weeks ago we looked at how bondage is the default state for every one of us – the Israelites in bondage to the Egyptians, […]