Youth Sunday

Every year in the Spring we set aside a Sunday morning and essentially turn the services over to our youth.  Several of them bring the messages throughout the morning, some of them lead our worship time during some of the services, others help take the offering, hand out bulletins, greet people at the door.  This […]


Full of Grace and Truth

The Brethren in Christ “Equipping for Ministry” program will be offering a seminar at the Hollowell BIC Church on Tuesday, May 19th. The topic is: Full of Grace and Truth – Homosexuality, the Gospel and the Brethren in Christ Church   SEMINAR DESCRIPTION Gay marriage and the Church’s response to the LGBTQ community are among […]

7. Joseph interprets Pharoah's Dreams

Tonight’s Bible Study

“And the cows that were ugly and gaunt ate up the seven sleek, fat cows.   Then Pharaoh woke up.”  (Genesis 41:4) This evening we’ll gather in the Auditorium at 7:00 for our mid-week Bible Study.  This will be the third week of our eight week series on “The Life of Joseph.” Pastor Bill is […]


Free to Roam

Are you aware that we “live stream” our 9:30 service every week, so that people who are out of the area, sick, or unable to make it for a number of other reasons are able to watch the service?  Have you ever noticed how Pastor Ray likes to roam the stage whenever he brings the […]


Prophets, Membership & Tours

Yesterday we had a number of special events taking place.   We continued our Sermon Series looking at some of the men that God used to bring His “drifting” children back to Him. In the Auditorium we looked at how God spoke through the prophet Obadiah, in the Chapel we looked at what God had to […]


21 Verses in 3-4 Minutes

  We’re in the midst of a sermon series called “The Drift.”   Are you, or have you ever experienced a time where you drifted away from God?   Throughout history God’s children have had this habit of doing just that, and so we are looking at some of the people and some of the events that […]


Copperlily Concert

  Copperlily will be at Five Forks on Sunday, May 10th providing special music in the 8:00 service and leading worship in the 9:30 and 11:00 services. In addition, there will be a free concert in the auditorium at 6:00pm. Copperlily is comprised of a husband and wife both well known to the music industry: […]


Reminder: Pastor’s Hosting Luncheon This Sunday

Just a final reminder for those of you who have started attending Five Forks in 2015. The Pastors will be hosting a Luncheon & Tour of the Church this Sunday starting around 12:15. We’ll be gathering in the Multi-Purpose Room (Café/Gym) where we will get to know each other over a light meal, and then […]


2015 Grocery Bag Project Begins

Every year at this time the Five Forks Church partners with other churches and organizations in order to fill and distribute bags filled with groceries that goes to people in need in New York City and Philadelphia. When you arrive at the church this Sunday you will find a sheet in your church mailbox with […]

The Bell Choir played during the 8:00 Service in the Auditorium.

A Heart Rending Song of Hope

Last year we took a few weeks to look at six of the minor prophets God spoke through to awaken His children from the spiritual drifting that was occurring in their lives. Yesterday we began looking at the other six minor prophets as Pastor Ray kicked off our new sermon series called “The Drift – […]