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Five Forks Fellowship Picnic

It’s time for the annual Five Forks Fellowship Picnic. It will be held on Friday, August 7th at the Quincy Community Center.  Pastor Brian will lead devotions, all you need to bring is yourself and a lawn chair.  There will be an hour to fellowship starting at 4pm with the meal served at 5. Cost […]


Road Ugly Times 2 Million

The Israelites have been traveling for months outside. In a desert, right, sand. Not enough water to drink, let alone bathe. Out of this mass of people, Road Ugly times 2 million, God’s going to call some to be priests. You notice one of the first things God does? 29:4, “Bring Aaron and his sons […]


“An Elaborate Catalogue of Instructions”

Pastor Adam brings the message in the Auditorium this Sunday as we arrive at the 9th week of our 10-week series called Getting Out.  The message is titled The Creation of Priests and now that we’ve arrived at the second half of Exodus, we’ve moved from a story –  a narrative –  to what one translator calls “an […]


Another Good “Family Night”

  Close to 200 turned out for what proved to be just a beautiful evening for a “family get-together” as we held our 4th annual “Family Night” last evening.  Here are a few pictures from last night’s event:    


“Family Night” Tonight

It’s time for our church family to come together for our 4th annual Family Night.  Things get started around 6pm and will end at approximately 8pm.  We’ll begin in the gym for a potluck…please bring either a hot or cold dish.  We’ll supply hot dogs, drink, paper products and ice cream.  After we eat, you […]


LEGO Camp Underway

47 children are participating in our first LEGO camp here at Five Forks.  Headed up by Brett Kagarise*, the kids work in teams with one pulling a design off of the computer and providing step by step instructions to the partner who does the assembly.  Once assembled, they can make the finished product move electronically […]


The Civil Law

Hebrew Servants…Personal Injury…Personal Property…Social Responsibility. These were the focus of Pastor Bill’s message yesterday as we continued our series called “Getting Out.” We nearing the end of this 10-week series (2 weeks remain) and we looked at the Civil Law that God gave to the Israelites. He is teaching them – and us – how […]

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To Make Us a Community

Today we have laws on the books protecting workers…protecting us against property damage, against personal injury…we have politicians and law-makers working on difficult social issues such as immigration. As we continue our sermon series called “Getting Out”, we arrive at week 8 (of 10) and we find God giving the Israelites His law.   Last week […]


Membership and Baptism Sundays

On Sunday, July 26 we plan to welcome several individuals and families into membership. Some are fairly new to FFC; some have been attending for quite a while. We believe membership is a visible expression of belonging and a valuable declaration of commitment. If you would be interested in also making this covenant with our […]


Come On, Ring Those Bells

Most of you are aware that we have a Bell Choir here at the church that plays at various times throughout the year.  For any of you who have ever thought that you’d like to do something like this, there is an opening on the Bell Choir that needs filled.  The ability to read music […]