Let’s Try Again

This week Pastor Bill resumes his 3-week series which asks the question: “Who Are You?” He’ll be preaching the second of three messages in the Auditorium at 9:30 and 11:00, BUT not at the 8:00 service. (Bill already preached it at the 8:00 service last Sunday before cancelling the remaining services). Instead, Pastor Ray will […]

the gaze with dates

Pastor Adam to Begin Sermon Series

The snow has pushed back the preaching schedule in the Auditorium as Pastor Bill brings week-2 and week-3 of his series “Who Are You?” this Sunday (8th) and next Sunday (15th). On March 22, 29, and April 5, we plan to have Pastor Adam deliver a 3-week series entitled The Gaze of the Soul. Just […]


Information Regarding PA Bill 435

Date: March, 2015 To:     All Volunteers of children/youth at Five Forks, ministry leaders, staff From: Margaret Bumbaugh Re:     New PA Bill # 435 (act # 153) Thanks so very much for serving our children/youth here at Five Forks Church. The following is some information that might help answer questions you have regarding the new PA […]

lego robotics

Lego Camp Coming to Five Forks!

This summer we will be holding our first “Lego Camp” for any children who attend Five Forks and have completed 1st – 5th grade.  The camp will be held the week of July 20 (Monday through Friday the 24th). The Lego Camp will be focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  This program introduces […]


Big Concert Just Days Away

Two staples of the Christian music scene over past decade – The Afters and Hawk Nelson –  with be in concert at Five Forks this Sunday evening. Combined, both band have sold over a million SoundScan albums and have garnered a dozen #1 radio singles. Those attending this Sunday’s concert will likely be extremely familiar with […]

March 1

Sign of the Times

If it’s Sunday, it must be…snowing. For the third consecutive week, the weather has impacted our Sunday morning services.   Two weeks ago we held all 4 services but cancelled everything else.  Last week we held 3 services but cancelled everything else.  Yesterday we held one service and cancelled everything else. Hey, the long range forecast […]

Who Are You- Text

A Performance Based World

We live in a performance based world. From the time we enter the world we’re expected to perform and if we do it well the rewards will come. Candy for the kids. Honor roll for the students. Starting positions for the athletes. Raises and promotions for the employees. Which is why it is so easy […]

Archery Dinner

Spaghetti Dinner

The Five Forks BIC Archery Ministry is sponsoring the Annual Spaghetti Dinner that will be held in our Multi-Purpose Room on Saturday, March 21st at 6:00pm. This year they will present Weston and Jodi Clark as our gust speakers. Weston is a 28 year veteran of the Big Game outfitting, hunting and TV industry, and […]

taylor ringers

Taylor Ringers Coming to Five Forks

Many of you are aware that we have a Hand Bell Ensemble and a Hand Bell Choir here at Five Forks.  They provide “Special Music” during the 8:00 service in the Auditorium and the 11:00 service in the Chapel, as well as performing on special occasions such as Christmas Eve. Pastor Jim’s daughter, Caitlin, was […]


Jesus Wants It All

Yesterday as Pastor Bill began his 3-week “Who Are You? sermon series, we looked at Two Men Who Built.  One built his house (his life) on the Rock.  One built his on the sand. All of us do the same, we build our life on Jesus…or on someone or something else.  Sometimes followers of Jesus […]