Palm Sunday 2015

We kick off Holy Week Sunday morning as we gather together to sing, pray, receive the Word, and remember Jesus’ sacrifice during our time of Communion. Pastor Adam continues his series The Gaze of the Soul in the Auditorium with a message titled Seeing the Servant.   This is thing to be aware of throughout […]


Getting Ready For Easter

A week from this Sunday we’ll be celebrating the most significant day of the year for the Church.   Here are just a few things to help prepare you for Easter Sunday: LOVE FEAST – Wednesday Evening (April 1st) we’ll gather in the Multi-Purpose Room at 6pm for our annual Love Feast. A meal of soup […]


Annual Love Feast Next Wednesday

Our Annual Love Feast is held the Wednesday evening between Palm Sunday and Easter.  Next Wednesday evening we’ll gather in the Multi-Purpose room at 6pm for a meal of soup and sandwiches provided by the Hospitality Committee.   As we eat it will provide us with an opportunity to fellowship with other brothers and sisters […]

Small groups gather at the end of the morning.

Our Task: To Dwell on God

At the Archery Dinner on Saturday evening, 23 made a first time decision to follow Jesus and 64 recommitted their lives to Him.  Thanks to all of you who have been praying for Weston & Jody Clark, and for this important outreach event! We also appreciate those of you who have been praying for the […]

Week 1

New Sermon Series!

We remain in that part of the preaching schedule where the Pastors are given 3 weeks to do their own sermon series.   Pastor Bill and Ray completed theirs last Sunday, this week Pastor Adam and Pastor Brian begin theirs.   Yesterday we previewed Brian’s series in the Chapel, today we want to help those […]

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New Series Begins in Chapel

Pastor Brian will begin a 3-week series at the 11:00 service in the Chapel this Sunday.   His series is called History Written In Advance, and here is what Brian would like you to know about this upcoming series: What comes to mind when you hear the word “prophecy”?  Do you think of something like […]


Membership Sunday

After years of holding baptism services on Sunday evenings three times a year, this year we’ve incorporated baptisms into our Sunday morning services.  A number from our congregation were baptized in February and six more were baptized this past Sunday morning. When we used to hold baptism services on Sunday evenings we also used this […]


Your “Trauma of Grace” Story

Yesterday morning I asked all of those attending services in the Auditorium to consider sending me their “Trauma of Grace” story.   Just a reminder, the trauma of grace occurs when God comes after us and – for the first time – we fully grasp the depths of our sin and our need of a Savior. […]

Who Are You

Which Son Did What His Father Wanted?

We began our 3-week series looking at Two Men Who Built.   Last week we looked at Two Men Who Prayed. This week Pastor Bill wraps up this series by having us look at Two Men Who Responded.   Two sons, in fact.   Their father tells them to go to work in his vineyard, one says “No” […]


Distribution of 2014 Excess Funds

  For many years the Lord has allowed us to meet all of our obligations and also have excess funds remaining at the end of the year.   The church’s Finance Committee has been given the responsibility of distributing these funds. How do they determine where to send excess funds? It is the goal of the […]