Whenever Groups of People Gather…

…they will interact.   And how the church interacts says a lot to those who are watching. Pastor Ray, who brought yesterday’s message in the Auditorium went on to say… “In fact Jesus says, the evidence of being His followers is not just the doctrine you can state, nor just the theology you can explain, or […]


Appropriate Behavior…

…for those in 2nd place.   This is what Pastor Ray will have us looking at this Sunday morning as he brings the message – Appropriate Behavior for Christians – in the Auditorium. Our Sermon Series is called 2nd Place…God leads, we follow.   And being in 2nd Place means giving appropriate respect to everyone. In our […]


Serving on the Church Board

Before long (January 2016) we will be voting for two individuals to represent the congregation on next year’s Church Board. Here is the process that will get us to that point. Step 1: Receive nominations from the congregation The Discernment Committee will be receiving nominations at this time.   Once a list of nominees has been […]


The Christ

This evening, in our seventh lesson in the series, we will study our Sixth C of the 10 C’s – the Christ.  The numbers seem fitting in a way.  For six is the number of man, and seven is the number of God, and our Lord Jesus Christ is indeed the “God-man”, God in the […]

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Dear Friends and Family…

(An update from Steve Newcomer) Nearly one year has passed since I last communicated with many of you from/about Mozambique. You may agree or disagree with my rationale for a deliberate silence but here is my explanation. There is a policy in some churches whereby when a senior pastor retires he/she is requested to refrain […]


A Church That Takes Training Seriously

We observed communion at the conclusion of all 4 of our Sunday morning services.   Yesterday we gathered in the Auditorium and talked about “Leadership Training” as Pastor Adam brought the message (Week 3 of a 6-week series called 2nd Place).   He challenged us to be a church that takes training seriously. We’re working our […]

Communion Sunday

Leadership Training

Pastor Adam brings the message – Leadership Training – in the Auditorium this Sunday as we continue our sermon series titled 2nd Place. As we make our way through I Timothy, we move from general instructions regarding leadership in the church to specific instructions to one specific individual: Timothy. You may say, “I’m never going […]

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Updated Auction List – Oct.1st

  The Annual Church Auction is rapidly approaching! It will be held two weeks from tonight –  Thursday evening, October 15th and it’s a great night for the church in many ways. *  It provides an opportunity for many from our congregation to use their gifts/skills/abilities to make and donate quilts, furniture, crafts, pies, etc. […]


The Fifth “C”

During our Wednesday night Bible Study we are looking at 10 C’s of the Bible’s story…and so far we’ve covered 4 – Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, and Confusion.  Tonight, we will study Covenants.  We will look at three covenants which God made in relationship to Israel – the Abrahamic, the Mosaic, and the Davidic.  We will […]


Lunch and a Church Tour

A week from Sunday (October 11th) the Pastors will be hosting the final “Luncheon & Tour” of 2015.    Three or four times a year the Pastors host a get-together where those new to the church can come and meet the pastoral staff, enjoy a light lunch, and then be taken on a tour of […]