Tonight’s Final Bible Study

This evening marks the end of our 2014-15 mid-week Bible Study season.   We’ll break over the summer and pick up again with weekly Bible Studies on Wednesday evenings starting August 19th. Tonight Pastor Bill wraps up his 8-week series on the life of Joseph.  We’ll be looking at Genesis chapters 47 through 50.  We’ll […]


How to Get a Church Newsletter

For years the church office has put out a weekly newsletter called “A Light on the Hill.”   For years we simply placed a copy in everyone’s church mailbox. Eventually we reached the point where we were able to post the Newsletter on our church website.  We gave everyone with a church mailbox the option […]


The Complacency Test

Have you – have we – been drifting away from God and not even realizing it?   For the past six weeks we’ve been asking ourselves that question in order to become aware and get God back to His rightful place on the Throne. Pastor Shaun had the final message in this series and he […]


Priests, Speedways, and Wallets

  This Sunday marks the final week of our 6-week sermon series called “The Drift.”  Pastor Shaun will be bringing the message from the book of Malachi.   The first 3 weeks we looked at the minor prophets who God used before or during the exile.   For the past three weeks we’ve been looking […]


The Human Race is in Trouble

Next Sunday we begin a summer sermon series based on the book of Exodus called… Getting Out Our Bondage, God’s Rescue, and the Community of Grace Here is how Eugene Peterson introduces the book of Exodus….  “The human race is in trouble. We’ve been in trouble for a long time. Enormous energies are being expended […]


Jacob and Joseph Reunite

This evening we’ll be meeting in the Chapel Wing for our mid-week Bible Study.   We’re in week 7 of an 8-week series looking at the life of Joseph. This evening we’ll be studying chapters 45, 46 and 47 in the book of Genesis.   Included in this study will be Jacob leaving Canaan and […]


German Baptist Conference

Our German Baptist friends will be meeting later this week for their Old German Baptist Brethren Church Annual Conference.   The thing that makes this significant to us is that this year it’s being held in our area.  They meet every year but at different locations throughout the Unites States.  I believe that it was […]


God At Work In His World

Yesterday morning Pastor Ray joked about being given 25 minutes to talk about the entire book of Zechariah…14 chapters in all. Well, after briefly sharing about the first part of Zechariah (dealing with 7 visions) and the last part of Zechariah (rekindling the hope of the coming Messiah), Ray shared how one author summarized the […]


If You’ve Ever Faced Spiritual Disappointment…

…then Haggai’s for you. This is what Pastor Adam shared with us during the morning message. Haggai was a post-exilic prophet, in other words, God spoke through him AFTER the people returned from exile in Babylon.  They returned with great anticipation based on some of the blessings that were promised to come their way. After […]


“The glory of this present house…

…will be greater than the glory of the former house, and in this place I will grant peace.”  (Haggai 2:9) This Sunday morning Pastor Adam will take us to the book of Haggai as we continue our Sermon Series called “The Drift.”  Haggai is another one of the men that God used many years ago […]